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Buying or selling a home can be an exciting—but stressful—experience. Count on the wastewater management professionals at Aqua Resources to evaluate the condition of your septic system and recommend any necessary repairs or maintenance to help you avoid unexpected issues or delays while involved in a real estate transaction.

Once you find the perfect house, it is important to minimize the risk of encountering any hidden and potentially expensive repairs before making that final commitment to buy. That’s why home inspections are so important. If the home you are considering has a septic system, it’s likely that your mortgage company requires that system to be inspected prior to closing. In fact, some municipalities have enacted septic system ordinances to protect the homeowner. In any case, it is critical that you determine the current operating condition of the septic system and ensure that it will support you and your family before you go to the settlement table.

An Aqua Resources septic system inspection can provide a thorough and objective evaluation of all your septic system components and includes:

  • Gathering preliminary information such as system age, home age and size, presence of a garbage disposal, pumping history, and observance of tree roots that might interfere with the smooth operation of your septic system
  • Assessment of the treatment tank for size, type, condition, accessibility, and location
  • Location of the absorption area to detect any indications of potential system malfunctions such as lush vegetation or surface discharge
  • Submission of a written report of findings, usually provided via electronic mail within 24 hours of the inspection

Why Use Aqua Resources for your septic system inspection?

Aqua Resources is uniquely qualified to provide an accurate and timely inspection of any septic system, with experienced and knowledgeable technicians. It is important to know that anyone can identify themself as an inspector since there are few government-set methods for inspecting these systems. At Aqua Resources, all of our technicians are certified by the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA). Each inspector uses a formal checklist to ensure a thorough evaluation, and to provide the client with information on the system’s overall operating condition as well as maintenance tips. As members of PSMA, Aqua Resources prides itself on adhering to industry standards and best practices. We not only inspect these systems, we also have the capability to repair, design and install them—so we truly are full-service septic system experts.